Forum Theatre

Class Details:

Forum Theatre is a form of participatory arts helping participants imagine different responses and outcomes to common problems. After observing the play or scenario a first time, it is performed again. Audience members are invited to stop the play at any point, replace a character whose experience they feel they understand, and attempt to change the course of dramatic action. In this way, spectators are transformed into “spect-actors”, not only observing but truly acting to change the scenes they are presented. By adding themselves as new characters or replacing older characters, individuals work to interact with others to find a solution. The method is designed to build and/or develop most, if not all, of the following: trust, spontaneity and creativity, collaboration and communication, listening and awareness, effective interaction, confidence and capacity, information and education, problem-solving, incitement to change and community development.

Recommended Ages:

8 - 18


Contact us for pricing as cost varies based on class length, location, and number of students.


All classes are held at The Stage Door in east Plano, unless otherwise specified.



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