The Private Eye

Class Details:

The Private Eye is a hands-on program to accelerate creativity, literacy, critical thinking, problem-solving and communication skills across all subjects for all levels. It is about the drama and wonder of looking closely at the world, thinking by analogy, changing scale and theorizing. The Private Eye process develops both concentration and the interdisciplinary mind. The aim is to bring out the gifted in everyone: to bring out the scientist, writer, artist, mathematician and social scientist. The Private Eye is built around the use of a jeweler's loupe, a series of questions, and everyday objects. With a loupe, students will meet, for the first time, the world-of-small large and the invisible visible. The second "magnification tool" is a set of inquiry-based questions which evoke analogies, which become poems, short stories, essays - and become the foundation for even deeper questions. The Private Eye is a life-long tool that "rivets the eye" and "rockets the mind."

Recommended Ages:

8 - 18


Contact us for pricing as cost varies based on class length, location, and number of students.


All classes are held at The Stage Door in east Plano, unless otherwise specified.



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